David Linzey

Who am I?

I am just your normal guy who owns his own website that just so happens to be his name, but don't worry I am not totally vain. I am an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Consultant.

Startups are my passion. Since the age of fifteen, I have had a passion for business. I wanted to know everything about owning a company. I love a good challenge and the opportunity to problem solve and learn as I accomplish tasks. When I was sixteen I decided I wanted to start my first business. My goal was not to make millions but to learn the ins and outs of a business. This was an amazing learning experience for me, and it got me hooked on startups. Two years later, I started another business. I wanted to challenge myself even more, this new retail venture added in supply chain and additional finance challenges that my entirely Internet-based business lacked. I learned great skills like accounting, marketing, public relations and supply chain.

After my early ventures as a youth, I continued to learn more about business and focused on finance. I find the early series seed faze of a business to be exciting and invigorating. Startups have so much passion and drive to change the world. I like participating in that excitement, it keeps me motivated to help them change it.

I am currently a Junior Analyst at the Research and Business Development Center, Financial Advisor at a new social startup, and the Cheif Financial Officer at Far West Company LLC. Ya, I am pretty busy.

I am always looking for ways to innovate and do something new. I have been told that I have two settings, go and go faster. I am fast paced and do not come up with excuses to do things later. I act immediately and work until results are achieved.